Are Aliens Real?

Are we the only intelligent life forms in the universe? Cyrus gives us the current situation on extra-terrestrial aliens and whether they exist. And Xartok gives us his opposing viewpoint.

The Question That’s Made Humans Look Like This For Ages:

Cyrus ConfusedAre aliens real? Do other intelligent life forms exist in the universe? Humans have wondered this question for ages. And if you ask a lot of adults you get the feeling that many of them really want there to be aliens. There are even scientists who are looking and trying to find signs of intelligent life in our universe right now.

But why?

Maybe we care so much because finding a real alien holds clues to another question that we humans have wrestled with:

Where do we come from?

Are we alone in the universe or are there other beings out there like us?

What is an Alien?

Before trying to answer the main question it is important to define the words so we know we are talking about the same thing. The word alien has multiple meanings.

It can mean:

belonging to another country or nationDictionary

But when we say alien for this question we mean:

intelligent beings from other worlds than the planet EarthDictionary
Real Alien Here

Xartok believes aliens exist because… he is one!

So do Aliens Exist?

Some people think the United States government knows about real aliens but keeps it a secret. If the US government or any other country’s governments have seen aliens, they haven’t told us yet.

Some Say Yes

Our universe is very, very, very, very, very big and there are many, many, many planets that life could be hiding on. The gigantic size of the universe is one of the reasons people believe there must be life out there somewhere. Otherwise, why would there be so much space out there without any life?

Some Say No

But so far, other than rumors of secrets, we have not found evidence of aliens in the universe.

The Answer

We can’t say Yes or No for sure. Just because we haven’t found conclusive signs of aliens doesn’t mean we won’t. Just keep your eyes open.

So are aliens real?




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