Why Do Flowers Smell Good?

Flowers have wonderful scents, don’t they? They make the world smell pretty terrific. Why do flowers smell good, though? Why do they need a scent?

Cyrus and Spero take you to the Inspero Headquarters Garden and explain why it’s very important that flowers smell good.

Nature’s Perfume

Every flower has a unique scent. Many of the flowers in our world smell wonderful and sweet like perfume. Flowers are used to make many different kinds of perfume! There’s nothing quite like walking through a field of flowers when they’re blooming. The entire field smells like natures perfume!

Look at the pollen gathered around the legs of this bee!

Bees help flowers make baby flowers

The Stamen is the male part of a flower and it’s covered in a sticky powder called Pollen. The Pistel is the female part of the flower. Flowers make baby flowers when pollen is dropped into the pistel. The pollen then makes its way into a part of the flower called the Ovule where seeds are made. Bees are attracted to the scent of a flower and land on it. They walk around on the flower and pollen from the stamen gathers on its legs. When the bee flies to another flower, pollen from the first flower drops into the second flower. Voila! Now the second flower can make seeds with pollen from the first flower! Incredible!

Amorphophallus titanum – This flowering plant smells like rotting meat and attracts flies and beetles to help with pollination.

Making Scents of it all

There are many insects in the world who love the smell of flowers. While some scents are delightful and attract bees and butterflies, there are other flowers that smell like rotting meat and attract beetles and flies. Both flowers are doing the same thing, though. They’re getting outside help to make seeds. In conclusion, flowers smell nice to attract insects that will help them reproduce.


Why Do Flowers Smell Good?

Executive Producers
Jim Demetriades and Nikos Iatropoulos

Directed by
Joseph Rohrs and Luke Gschwend

Hosted by
Cyrus Rohrs

Written and edited by
Joseph Rohrs

Production Assistant
Gwynne Rohrs

Title Animation
Jonathan Reaux

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