Why Are People Different Colors?

People around the world come in all sorts of different skin colors. Why is that?

We are all unique! Cyrus explores how the sun and where we live on the earth affects the color of our skin.

Skin is your body’s natural sunscreen

Our skin has tiny cells called melanocytes. Their main job is to create melanin or color for your skin. When the sun is very bright, the melanocytes in your body produce a lot of melanin and your skin turns darker. The opposite is true as well. When the sun isn’t very bright, the melanocytes produce less melanin and your skin becomes lighter.

Nice genes!

Have you ever heard of genes before? They’re the tiny parts inside your body that determine your physical attributes. Genes control how tall or short you will be when you grow up – whether you will have blue or green eyes when you’re born or whether you will have red or brown or blonde hair – as well as MANY other things. Genes are passed on to you from your parents. Scientists believe the amount of melanin in your skin is passed on from generation to generation in families.

Here comes the sun

Sunshine is made up of many different kinds of rays. One type of ray called Ultra Violet or UV rays will burn your skin if you stay in the sun for a long time. People who live near the equator, the invisible line around the center of the Earth, get lots of UV rays. Those who live farther away from the equator get less UV rays.

Pass the melanin, please!

Scientists believe generations of people who lived in areas with a lot of sun produced more melanin. They passed this trait on to their children who passed it on to their children. That’s why people who live near the tropical regions of our earth usually have dark skin. In the same way, people who lived in areas farther away from the equator didn’t get as many UV rays, didn’t need to make more melanin to protect their skin and their skin gradually turned lighter from generation to generation.

A reason to celebrate

Humanity is made up of people who have many different and beautiful colors of skin. All of us at The Inspero Intelligence Agency celebrate the colorfulness of the human race and can’t wait to see what all of us can do when we work together.


Why Are People Different Colors?

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