Why Do We have Dreams and Nightmares?

Sometimes when we go to sleep at night, we have wonderful dreams. While at other times, our dreams turn into nightmares that wake us up!

Why do we have both dreams and nightmares? Cyrus and Spero talk about what your brain does while you’re sleeping that can make you have both adventurous dreams and scary nightmares!

Your brain is putting away the groceries!

Our brains are some of the most complex things on the entire planet – possibly in the whole universe! So it only makes sense that it never sleeps. Every night when our bodies are resting, our brain is telling us stories in the form of our dreams. What is it doing?

Whenever we go shopping for groceries and come home, we have to make sure everything is put away in its’ proper place. You can’t put ice cream into the pantry, right? Otherwise, it would melt.
Your brain does the same thing when you dream. Some of the things you did during the day should be remembered, so your brain stores them in a safe place. While other things you did aren’t that important, so your brain throws them away. During the night, your brain sorts your day into what was important to remember and what you can forget.

Nightmares, Brain? I thought we were friends!

There’s nothing quite like an amazing dream. You’re the hero, the knight in shining armor, the person everyone admires and it’s absolutely fantastic!

Sometimes your dreams turn crazy scary for no reason and Teddy the Bear turns on you! Why brain?! Why?!

Tough problem. Let’s think about it!

When you have an especially tough problem to think about, your brain doesn’t stop trying to figure out the answer when you close your eyes to sleep. Your brain, the faithful friend that it is, tries to solve it on its’ own. And when it’s too tough to solve, sometimes your brain will feel confused and send you a scary dream instead of a pleasant one.

Thank goodness it was only a dream!

Nightmares are no fun, but there’s nothing more comforting than waking up and knowing it wasn’t real in the first place.

Your parents might come in and sit with you for a while until you fall peacefully back to sleep. Try to remember the good ones and let go of the bad ones and everything will be A-Ok.


Why Do We Have Dreams and Nightmares?

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