Why Do We Need to Blink?

Our eyes are balls of gooey goodness that allow us to see the world. Why do we blink and what does blinking do for our eyes?

Cyrus explains all about blinking and even introduces us to his blankie, er, I mean, um… nevermind about the blankie.

Have you Ever Tried Not Blinking?

It’s not easy, is it? Your eyes get watery and start to burn a little and it feels like you have to blink! And then you do.

Cyrus Blinking

Cyrus Blinking

Cyrus Not Blinking

Cyrus Trying Not to Blink






Blinking Stats

  • People blink around ten to twenty times a minute.
  • You may blink more or less depending on where you are and what you’re doing. B
  • Babies blink a lot less than anyone else.
  • Blinking is a reflex, which means our body does it without us thinking about it.

To Blink or Not to Blink? That’s not the Question.

Eyeball and Lacrimal Gland

Eyeball and Lacrimal Gland

For our eyes to stay healthy they need to stay wet and clean. Each eye has a Lacrimal Gland just above it that produces water or tears over our eyes. When we blink, the tears are spread across the eye and give it a quick bath so the eye stays wet and clean.

Germs Trying to Get Into Our Eyes

Germs Trying to Get Into Our Eyes


Blinking Protects Against Dust and Germs

Our eyes don’t like dust or germs and blinking is one of the eyes main defenses against intruders.

Blinking Givings Your Eyeball a Quick Bath

Blinking Givings Your Eyeball a Quick Bath

We’re Still Learning More

Scientists say that blinking also gives our brain a micro rest which helps us focus on what we’re doing. Who knows? Maybe soon we’ll learn even more about why we blink.


Why Do We Need to Blink?

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