Why Don’t Spiders Stick To Their Own Web?

Spider webs seem to stick to everything but the spiders who made them! How do they do it?

Katarina bravely explains how spiders can quickly move around their own webs without getting stuck.

Watch out for that web!

Have you ever accidentally walked into a spider web? No matter how much you wiggle your fingers and wave your arms around, the web doesn’t want to come off.  Spiders, though, can easily walk back and forth on their webs when they’re building it and catching their breakfast or when they’re just watching the sunset. Amazing, right?

How do they walk around without getting stuck?

Scientists now believe there are three reasons for the their incredible ability to move smoothly around on their webs.

First, they have tiny hairs on their legs that aren’t big enough to get stuck on the web.

Second, they move their legs in a special way that let’s them slide on and off the web.

And third, they have a special chemical on their legs that keeps them from sticking.

Spiders are very useful (and sometimes they’re dangerous, too!)

Some spiders are harmless to humans and are really useful in a garden because they eat insects that could harm the plants you’re growing. Others can be VERY dangerous! If you find one that’s really cool looking and you want to know more about it, take a picture or write down what it looks like. Then you can do some research and find out its name, what kind of bugs it likes to eat and whether it’s safe or harmful.

Next time you walk through a spider web, be thankful you’re not the size of an insect. Otherwise you would be in a pretty sticky situation AND the newest item on the dinner menu!


Why Don’t Spiders Stick to Their Own Web?

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