Why Doesn’t It Hurt to Cut Your Hair?

Have you ever put a band-aid on your hair because of an owie? Me Neither! Why is that? Cyrus proves that it doesn’t hurt when he cuts his hair. Then he explores why cutting hair doesn’t make us feel pain.

Oh! And one more thing… don’t pet wet cats! Disgusting!

Bonus Question:
Besides hair, what else doesn’t hurt when you cut it?

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ANSWER: Your fingernails!

Cyrus Shows It Doesn’t Hurt When He Cuts His Hair

Cyrus About to Cut His Hair

Cyrus About to Cut His Hair

Cutting Hair

Cutting Hair

Cyrus Survived Cutting His Hair

Cyrus Survived!

But How?

The way our body works is that we have a network of nerves and cells called the nervous system. And nope, it’s not what makes us nervous.

Nerves in Our Nervous System

Brain Sending Message

Our Brain Sends Messages Throughout the Body

Send messages from our body (like our skin) to our brain and from our brain to our body.

Nerves are like our body’s mailman or mailwoman delivering messages all over the body.

Like a Phone Call

Another way to think about our nervous system is, our nerves are always on a phone call with the brain, so when a nerve senses something, like the skin of your finger touching something furry, it tells the brain. And then our brain replies back, telling the nerve how to respond.

Brain on the Phone

Brain on the Phone

Finger on the Phone

Finger on the Phone






We have nerves all over our body including under our skin.

Nerves Under Our Skin

Nerves Under Our Skin


When we cut our skin, the nerves under our skin sense the cut and we feel pain. Our hair, though, doesn’t have nerves inside of it so when we cut our hair, we don’t feel pain.

Our Nerves Sense Pain When Our Skin Gets Cut

Our Nerves Sense Pain When Our Skin Gets Cut

What is Hair?

Our hair is actually a long strand of a protein called keratin. Inside our skin, we have hair follicles that act a lot like seeds planted in the earth. A hair follicle produces and grows a shaft of hair just like a seed produces a baby plant.

But, it Can Hurt To Pull Your Hair, Right?

Yes. It may not hurt to cut your hair, but it does hurt when your hair is pulled and that’s because your hair is connected to your skin. And though hair outside of your skin may not be connected to nerves directly, the hair follicles inside your skin are connected to nerves. And so if the hair follicle or beginning part of your hair is affected you will feel it.


Why Doesn’t it Hurt to Cut your Hair?

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