What is the Largest Number?

How high can you count? 100? A million? A bajillion? When would you stop? What is the largest number?

Katarina and Annie answer a question from one of our Inspero Scouts, Theo. They show us some of the most awesome and ginormous numbers in the world and still have time for Smores!


What is the Largest Number?

Executive Producers
Jim Demetriades and Nikos Iatropoulos

Directed by
Joseph Rohrs and Luke Gschwend

Hosted by
Katarina Demetriades

Inspero Scout
Theodore Iatropoulos

Written, animated and edited by
Joseph Rohrs

Production Assistant
Gwynne Rohrs

Hair and Makeup
Aga Jakubowski

Title Animation
Jonathan Reaux





Designed by Freepik:

3D Model



Music Licensed through Audiojungle: “Small Family Games” by Allegro120

Sound Effects

  • Audiojungle.net: 8-bit Retro Old Game 50 Sound Effects Pack by SeaBeeZ
  • Adobe Audition Sound Effects
  • Soundeffectsplus.com
  • Soundmorph.com

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