Why Do Donuts Have Holes?

Donuts are a very tasty treat, but they have a hole in the middle! Why is that?

Are you hungry? It’s Donut Day at Inspero Headquarters and Cyrus can’t be more excited! He’s here to answer the age old question: Why do donuts have holes? I mean, wouldn’t you want the whole donut instead of one with a hole? Cyrus walks you through how donuts are made and the surprisingly good reason why there’s a hole. The answer will delight you and you just might want to go out and get one afterwards!


Why Do Donuts Have Holes?

Executive Producers
Jim Demetriades and Nikos Iatropoulos

Directed by
Joseph Rohrs and Luke Gschwend

Hosted by
Cyrus Rohrs

Written by
Lori Twichell

Edited/Motion Design by
Joseph Rohrs

Production Assistant
Gwynne Rohrs

Intercom Voice/Donut Aficionado
Joseph Rohrs



Designed by Freepik

3D Models


Music Licensed through Audiojungle: “Funny Comedy” by Allegro120

Sound Effects

Donuts provided by

Classic Doughnuts & Croissants, Studio City, CA

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