Inspero HQ

The Inspero Headquarters is a flying airship that travels all over the world.
Over one-thousand agents live on the airship, like boarding school, except it’s fun and only a handful get accepted each year from the millions of kids who apply.

Control Room

Flight Deck

Control Room Flight Deck

“You’re the Navigator!” You control the destination of Inspero HQ from the Flight Deck. You can take it almost anywhere on Earth… and beyond!

Observation Deck

Control Room Observation Deck

The Inspero Headquarters is a complex and amazing Airship and the Observation Deck is where you monitor all the major areas of the ship. You can also take video calls and watch cat videos on the ginormous monitor behind the console.

Upper Deck

Inspero Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Whether you’re looking for fun or exercise, a dip in the Inspero Pool will help you cool down at the end of a long day. It’s the location of the annual Inspero noodle war.

Inspero Garden

Inspero Garden

The Inspero Garden is home to an incredible amount of both plant life and insects. Vegetables, fruits and herbs grown here are used to feed those onboard the Inspero HQ.

Mid Deck Outer Edge

Inspero Cafe

Inspero Cafe

The Cafe is a great place to hang out with your friends and catch a bite to eat. Offering everything from donuts and coffee to burgers, fries and a shake, you’re sure to have an enjoyable time in the cafe. And you can’t beat the view!

Sick Bay

Sick Bay

When you’ve been injured or you’re feeling under the weather, the Sick Bay is a wonderful place to get the medical attention you need. The doctors and nurses will put a smile on your face and quickly get you on the road to recovery.